St Barnabas Parish VBS Report by La Shawn Roberts

The Annual Vacation Bible School (V.B.S.) was held from 7th-11th August, 2017 at St. Barnabas Anglican Church, Pleasantville and the theme chosen was ‘Heroes of the Bible’

Each day began with praise and worship and a sing-a-long. Mrs. Kathleen Lewis, the Priest’s warden, officially opened the VBS. On the first day, Abraham was the hero that was discussed by everyone and after the children were put into age groups and team colours were chosen.

  • Abraham was red
  • Deborah was yellow
  • Mary was green
  • Paul was blue

On the second day, we had assembly and talked about Deborah, third was Mary and the last was Paul. On each day, the children made colourful craft based on the instructions from our teachers and at the end the craft was placed on display. During the break times and lunch periods, games and lots of activities were done. Delicious snacks were also prepared and served.

As the days went by, the numbers increased and the excitement and the interest grew. My group’s hero was Deborah and we learned much about her as a leader. She was new to us and our teachers gave much information on this unique hero who was the third Judge of Israel and the only woman among them. She was also a prophetess and a warrior. Children of all groups showed special interest in her because she was the least known among the heroes. Some of us did not even hear about her before.

Finally, on the last day of VBS 2017, a recap of the week’s activities was done and  a short presentation was put on by each team. It was interesting to see the displays and presentations of the other groups. We learned a lot from each other. Drama, sign language and dance were enjoyed by the parents who were invited to view our work. The children really put on a good show. There were tokens of participation which were given to everyone. Refreshments were also served at the end. The children said their final goodbyes to their teachers and their new friends. It was truly a wonderful, educational experience for everyone and we really enjoyed it. Bye until next year!!

V.B.S. 2017
V.B.S. 2017
V.B.S. 2017

Published by Undine West-Wooding

Presently :Lay Minister and Peoples' Warden in the Parish of St. Barnabas

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