St. Barnabas Mother’s Union

St. Barnabas Mother’s Union

1970 was a year of new beginnings for San Barnabas Mother’s Union.

Six members of the congregation came together to start the St. Barnabas Mothers Union. They were enrolled at St. Paul’s church San Fernando since we did not have a church building but held services at Mr. Gilkes residence every Sunday evening until Texaco Trinidad give us a building, the site of which is now Nursery School. The members who began this journey were: Sisters U. Goddard, E. Romeo, A. Daniel, N. Arthur, A. Anthony and L.Ross. Of the six, one stalwart remains with us, Mrs. L Ross, the others departed this life.

The branch was plunged into mourning in July 2011 when Mrs. Aaron and Mrs. Romeo departed this life the same week in 2011. This left a void which up to this moment we cannot fill. These two members took a leadership role and played the sterling part in the vibrancy and growth of the branch. They were very active and held important positions in the Branch- they were the mainstay of the branch

Mrs. Romeo in the 41yrs she spent with us represented the Branch at all major meetings and activities of the Diocesan Mothers’ Union and reported regularly on the activities of the various regions. She was also the Treasurer and rendered yeoman service to the branch in this regard and to the Mothers’ Union in general. Mrs. Mavis Aaron served as Chairman for years and was responsible for keeping the branch on a firm footing.

Mrs. L. Ross,a foundation member, took up the mantle and represents the Branch at all meetings that takes place in the south and reports on all activities of the southern branches. Our members interact with other branches by attending the various activities: Quiet day, Lady day, Founders Day, the Annual General meeting of the Diocesan Mothers’ Union and most regional meetings. This keeps us closer as a spiritual group.

On the third Sunday of every month we gather together for our corporate communion. We also have a close relationship with the Mothers’ Union Children Home. Our members continue to be active in all aspects of church life, the choir bible class and visiting the sick and shut-in

We celebrated our 40th anniversary in June 2010. Mrs. E. Romeo and Mrs. L. Ross received awards for 40 years of service to the Mothers’ Union. We also took the opportunity to make a presentation to Mrs. Norma Alexander, the oldest member of the congregation and our oldest Mothers’ Union member. She was in her 90s. We also play a major role at our a Harvest Festival when we prepare gifts for our members who are ill and are shut-in.