In 2018 our Parish embarks on practicing our Core Values through faith, love and perseverance. Each month therefore will focus on a special value. Each Core Value will be assigned to a Ministry whose responsibility it will be to conduct activities (e.g. handouts, workshops, sing a longs, debates, dance, poems etc) highlighting/ depicting/ celebrating, teaching this value.

          2018 Calendar of  Events


Core Value: Love

7th @  10.00 am:  Covenant service at St. Gabriel's La Romaine

14th @ 10.00 am: Covenant service at St. Barnabas on the Hill

28th @ 10.00 am: Ministry Sunday ( on service in the Parish) at St. Barnabas on the Hill.

Responsible Ministry: Men's Ministry


Lent: Theme -- The Five Marks of Mission

9th: Youth Fundraising BBQ at St. Barnabas

14th: Ash Wednesday services ( 7.00am at St Gabriel's La Romaine and 6.00 pm at St. Barnabas on the Hill.)

Stations of the Cross Fridays at 5.30 PM.


Lent: Theme-- Five Marks of Mission.

2nd:  Nine Churches Pilgrimage

3rd : Parish Convention 9.00 am - 1.00pm

4th: Congregational Meetings at both Churches.

11th @ 8.00 am Annual General Meeting at St. Barnabas on the Hill.

17th @ 3.00 pm Parish Quiet Day at St Barnabas on the Hill. 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.

25th:  Palm Sunday procession and Sung Eucharist. @ St. Gabriel's  at 8.00 am and @ St. Barnabas at 3.00 pm.

26th to 29th : Holy Eucharist daily, alternating between the two Churches 7.00 am and  5.30 pm.

30th: Good Friday 3 Hour Devotions. Both Churches @ 12.00 noon.

31st. 10.30 pm. @ St. Barnabas on the Hill -- Easter Vigil.


Core Value: Faithfulness

1st @ 9.00 am Sung Eucharist at St. Gabriel's

1st - 6th Risen and Real Camp

22nd "Come Sing with Us"  featuring Hymns from the Caribbean. Details to be published.

29th @ 9.00 am. Joint Youth Service at St. Barnabas on the Hill.

Responsible Ministry: Parish Youths.


Core Value: Communication

2nd - 5th: Synod

14th: Service celebrating the month of the Child. St. Barnabas ECCE

19th: Diocesan Day of Renewal

20th: Pentecost Sunday regular services in both Churches.

26th: St. Gabriel's Mothers' Union BBQ

31st: Corpus Christi Family Day

Responsibility Ministry: Mothers' Union


Core Value: Integrity

1st: Youth Fundraising BBQ

10th - 17th: St Barnabas Patronal Festival

28th: St. Barnabas ECCE Graduation

30th: Parish Tea Party and Fashion Show

Responsible Ministry: Lay Ministers


Core Value: Leadership

14th: Youth Field Trip

29th: @ 9.00 am Joint Youth Service at St Gabriel's

30th to August 3rd: Vacation Bible School @ St. Gabriel's


Core Value: Reconciliation

Service of the Word> T.B.A.

13th - 17th: Vacation Bible School at St. Barnabas.

Responsible Ministry: Clergy


Core Value: Worship

23rd - 30th Patronal Festival: St. Gabriel's.

29th: Youth fundraising Curry Q

30th: St Gabriel's Harvest

Responsible Ministry: Music Ministry


Core Value: Service

14th: St. Barnabas Harvest Festival

Responsibility Ministry: Bible Study Groups.


Core Value: Accountability

Walkathon and Health Fair T.B.A.

25th No Service. all members to attend HTC Harvest


Responsible Ministry: Lay Ministers


14th Parish Dinner at City Hall

16th: Service of Carols and Nine Lessons @ St Barnabas on the Hill

24th: @ 7.00 pm Mass at St. Gabriel's

25th: @ 9.00 am Mass at St Barnabas on the Hill

30th: @ 9.00 am Joint Service at St. Barnabas on the Hill.